Macro and Micro

There’s been a lot of changes happening recently; my new website is almost done (I’ll soon be offering my strength coaching online!), I’m moving into a new gym space, and obviously, I’ve rebranded my company!

In lieu of all this, I’ve started to read a book called The Founder’s Mentality. The book is about companies that are past the start-up phase and are able to keep the mentality that was original to the founder – meaning these people were excited, motivated, and passionate about what they are doing.

I have to be honest, right now, I feel like everything around me is in start-up. So it has been hard to identify with the book, except for one small thing. I noticed that the issues these large corporations were dealing with closely pertained to me, in my own business, and even in my personal life.

“No matter where you go, there you are. ” – Buckaroo Banzai

It’s often easy to write something off as not helpful or completely irrelevant. That’s what I thought when I picked up the book, but it made me realize that I’m seeing the world through my lens, and no matter where I go, or what I see – I’m going to see things through my own lens of experience and condition.

That’s pretty powerful stuff, and if you’re looking for answers – sometimes you might find them where you least expect them.

I’m challenging you to go into the week with an open mind, exploring conversations with a bit more depth and detail – you might find that you’ll get something relatable that is relevant to you!

Stay true to you,