“He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper, but he is more excellent who can suit his temper to his circumstance.” – David Hume

I started reading the The House of Government, and it quickly became apparent that to further the position of the proletariat (the Russian industrial workers) the Bolsheviks encouraged education.


Only from an informed position could the proletariats advance their desires for a revolution.  Back then, being deemed intelligentsia (intellectual) was something that demanded a bit of work, but was also a noteworthy position.

The different revolutionary groups at the time stoked the beliefs of the people – and they actively worked toward an outcome that they were united in, and deeply wanted.

This really made me think that education in a path that you are most interested in could be a recipe for deep fulfillment and satisfaction.

So if you have any hobbies, ideas, or goals that you are waiting to explore, act on them!  Go for it!

And find deeper happiness and fulfillment.

Start Sweeping

Start sweeping — as a way to get over procrastination.  You might want to consider adopting this philosophy that coaxes you to simply get going.  Any action will cause you to be more productive!  If I have a mountain of work I’m procrastinating on I’ll start by simply checking my inbox for emails, or with a small task around the house to get things going.  Start sweeping is a great mantra that usually gets me going in the right direction. Continue reading “Start Sweeping”