“He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper, but he is more excellent who can suit his temper to his circumstance.” – David Hume

I started reading the The House of Government, and it quickly became apparent that to further the position of the proletariat (the Russian industrial workers) the Bolsheviks encouraged education.


Only from an informed position could the proletariats advance their desires for a revolution.  Back then, being deemed intelligentsia (intellectual) was something that demanded a bit of work, but was also a noteworthy position.

The different revolutionary groups at the time stoked the beliefs of the people – and they actively worked toward an outcome that they were united in, and deeply wanted.

This really made me think that education in a path that you are most interested in could be a recipe for deep fulfillment and satisfaction.

So if you have any hobbies, ideas, or goals that you are waiting to explore, act on them!  Go for it!

And find deeper happiness and fulfillment.

showing strength

The Ant and the Grasshopper

September is a crazy month for us all, in fact I think it’s been ingrained in us since a time when we were little.  The sense of urgency creeps in as we got ready to go back to school, and let’s be honest we still can feel a bit of that pressure today.  Showing strength during this time can be a great way to gain something momentous from this year.

Showing strength during this time of year runs much deeper than just going back to school.  Perhaps getting ready for winter is really what’s at stake here.  This is a chance to get your stuff together before the cold strikes.  The winters here are long and can be very hard to deal with.  So I find myself taking on more activities and making big changes in my life particularly during this month.

Ready for the Cold

I had a blog post earlier about staying focused during the summer months, and this time indeed reminds me of the ant and the grasshopper from Aesop’s Fables.  The ant spends all summer showing strength by working away at his duties in preparation for the winter while the grasshopper is frolicking and playing.  The grasshopper teases the poor ant all summer about how good things are and how much he is enjoying himself.  The ant knows that the good times won’t last however and he continues to work away.

showing strength

Although there is much more meaning in this story, it does remind me of September, and it resembles that same sort of panic, getting things in order.  I think the story is a composition of both personas; wanting to have fun and making sure you are taking care of the things that need to be taken care of.  So if you haven’t been staying in shape during the summer or chipping away at small projects around the house, this might be your last chance to get in gear.

Amidst the Chaos

So there is a bit of pressure to get things in alignment, and this pressure can add up with everyone else’s pressure.  I have a few parents messaging me about their children’s school schedules and activities.  They tell me that finding time will be hard now that the kids are back in school.  I understand this, and this will be the case over the course of the next several months.  In fact I’m going through my own pressures right now.

I know however that like anything there will come a time however when things slow down.  So what should you do amidst this chaos?  I saw this quote and it really inspired me as I felt it directly spoke to the feelings of September;

“Remember, the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability” – Ho Chi Minh

How can we best handle all this commotion?  I realize that the September is a natural rhythm, it will come and go, and our best self is one that stands up to the challenge presented in front of us.  Not backing down but rising up and learning something about ourself and our character.

Lessons Learned

Nothing ventured, nothing gained – another old adage, however one that rings true to what was stated above.  You won’t get much if you don’t put much in, and now is the time to show what you’ve got.  So if you’re feeling a call to something, experiencing a push for more, or an overwhelming desire to try something new then go for it!  Push your limits, now is the time.  Later in the year you’ll be able to reflect on this point to better understand yourself and understand the year that you had.

Now’s the chance to make some headway towards living a better and more fulfilling life!  I hope that helps and it really gets you think about what you’re capable of and what else is out there for you!

Chat soon,