Semi-Private Training

Our Semi-Private Training is done the same way professional sports organizations train their athletes.  We train in small groups of 1-4 people, where everyone gets their customized workout plan.

Semi-Private Training is versatile and fun because it works for anyone looking to get stronger or in better shape.  Everyone works with other like-minded individuals, which offers support, inspiration, and insight as we all move along on our health and wellness journey.

Clients get the best results when they have inspiration and support from others in addition to their coach.  Change can be hard, and it’s in those small moments, where we feel like giving up, that someone else can give us a little boost or a push that we need to get through a major road block.  That’s the magic of our Semi-Private Training model.

semi private training

Key Differences & Benefits

Athletes have trained in larger groups for years.  In fact our Semi-Private Training is no different than a professional sports organization.  Every athlete get’s their own customized workout plan, a professional coach, and other people to workout with.  The only major difference between us and a professional sports organization is our client to coach ratio.  We deliver a 4:1 ratio which is better than most professional sports organizations deliver to their athletes.

Our coaches therefore can provide our clients with more in-depth analysis and detail so our clients have more meaningful interactions, education, and better results.  Our strength and conditioning style training boasts powerful results for those looking to get stronger, put on muscle, perform better, or generally improve their health and wellness.  We offer a customized training plan, which means you will get to work on what you specifically want or require.  This ensures that you will get the best possible results by training with us.