Private Training

Private training is a great way to get into the gym. If you are not confident nor familiar with conventional barbell exercises and want learn your way around the gym, private training may be for you.  Private training offers fantastic results because it is truly individualized, very focused, and specific to our clients’ needs.

Big changes require specific interventions, in these cases private training is highly recommended!  If you require specific care and attention you may be a good candidate for private training, especially to get started.  Keep in mind that clients who are absolute beginners or would consider themselves advanced or elite athletes may fall into the private training category.

Key Differences & Benefits

Each private training session is fully focused on you.  Which means we can dedicate portions of the session to nutrition, strategy, or any assessments that are deemed necessary to continue moving forward.  This allows us to further customize, track, and evaluate your progress towards the goals that we want to accomplish.  It is for this reason that private training can be a very powerful tool if used correctly.