Febrolutions, Stick with it and Learn!

A quick check in on your New Years resolutions!  Or any resolution for that matter …  Where are you at?  Be honest with yourself.  Did you quit, ease up, or fall off?  Most times the day to day journey of what it’s actually like to accomplish our goals can be very different than the outcomes we desire.   The journey of being a doctor, lawyer, merchant, astronaut is very different and can easily dissuade even the most passionate youngster because the day to day life can be so different.  The real daily requirements of these positions simply don’t match up with our perceived outcome. Continue reading “Febrolutions, Stick with it and Learn!”

Only 3 Choices! How to Make Better Decisions

Routine is important because it can help anchor down important habits in your day to day life.  But there’s something to consider when forming these habits!

Decision making, that’s right you have limited reserves in this realm.  And it’s important to treat your decision making power like the limited resource it is.  When you disrespect your ability to make highly evolved decisions and waste your mental efforts on all the busy things you have on your plate you will begin to make bad decisions and worse yet – be emotional when it comes right down to it.  We aren’t wired to live in this fast paced environment, and we have to protect ourselves from the onslaught of information that’s coming at us.

So take back your life, and get in control of your day by creating some automation with your habits, and limit the decisions you have to make around these habits.  There’s plenty of evidence out there that suggests limiting your decisions to 3 will have a profound effect on that feeling of overwhelm when you have too many options.  It will most likely reduce the amount of mental effort you have to put in to make an effective decision.

Face it, it takes effort to sift through all of the garbage.  And since decision making is a limited resource as mentioned earlier, you want to be very careful with it.

This is where the power of your habits come in.  Powerful habits are super productive, they are things that you can do to help you get the results you want.  Therefore you want to automate your habits by build them into your day so you don’t even have to think about them, you can just do them!

Protect yourself, use your mental powers on big decisions that really require that mental faculty of yours instead of worrying about things that don’t.  Automate as many of the good things as you can, so you can simply show up, be present, and enjoy them!