The work that we do is always an adventure. We take great pride in what we do and we seek to empower people through physical training, meaning we help you reach your goals!

Our fun and dynamic workouts create amazing results because our exercises require balance, control, and coordination, which develop a strong, mobile, and healthy body.

Our training system was derived from years of professional athletics both as a player and as a coach, so we speak from first-hand experience!

Together we build a meaningful relationships with our clients;

Suzanne was preparing for an expedition in Nepal when she first came to us.  Her story was inspirational, and she felt like she could use some support.  We decided to put together a Strength Shaman hike to help support and encourage her to achieve her goal.

Suzanne did a phenomenal job of getting ready for her expedition to Lobouche Peak in the Himalayan mountain range.  We prepared her mind and body for the trip ahead.  She dieted, and exercised consistently.  Over 6 months she managed to lose over 30 pounds, and 12% body fat!  Truly applying herself to the training.

Here’s a photo of Suzanne at the top of her expedition just a few months after, over 6,100 metre elevation!  Suzanne made the trip through her hard work and preparation, we are very proud of her effort and commitment!

“Dimitri is a remarkable personal trainer, who is fully engaged in assisting me in meeting my goals in the gym and in life. His sound advice on diet, body composition and good lifting form has already made a huge impact on my strength. I leave our sessions feeling empowered and wanting to come back!  

Dimitri goes the extra mile to arrange outdoor activities with his clients like social events and hiking. He’s fully invested in my progress and health. I would recommend Strength Shaman to anyone seeking to be inspired and empowered!”  – Suzanne

Nick came to use with as a young high school star with aspirations of playing Division 1 Football.  He had the desire, will, and motivation to accomplish his goal, but he needed support and guidance.  We offered a training plan that put him on track to make significant progress toward his goal, and ultimately achieve it.


“I started working out with Dimitri about a year ago after I had returned from a season playing football in the US. I was undersized for my position at 210 pounds and not very fast. When I came back I wanted to gain 15-20 pounds of muscle and get more explosive — I started seeing results right away as when I returned to Florida for my senior football season, not only had I achieved my target weight of 230 pounds, I was exploding into ball carriers and driving them backwards instead of making more conservative tackles as I had been in the past.

I also had a dream of playing football at the Division 1 level and when I first came to Dimitri, it seemed like a distant objective. After training with Dimitri for a year, I’m proud to say that I am committed to play division 1 football at the University of Oregon next year. Through the customized programming and helpful nutrition strategies, I have achieved my goal of playing football at a high level I it couldn’t have been done without Dimitri Tsoumpas and Strength Shaman.” – Nick Wiebe

Nick was able to accomplish his goals with the help and support of us.  We have all walked the walk as athletes and now as professionals we were even better prepared to take Nick through the same trials that we had been through.  Together we were able to create significant results, and ultimately accomplish Nick’s dream of playing Division 1 Football.

When our clients see progress, they begin to exude confidence and mastery as their physical capabilities grow.  They understand what our training is about; truly feeling empowered.  Our clients are motivated to take on more action in their lives by adventuring forward through various physical endeavours.  Whether you are striving to be a professional athlete, or you just want to live a better life, we can help empower you through the physical training that we offer!

Let us be your guide!  At Strength Shaman we are professional strength coaches who deliver results.  Our proven 6-step proven team-training system™ develops a stronger body, builds more muscle, produces more energy, and creates big changes!  Our clients love the benefits they see!

We offer flexible pricing, a convenient location, and open booking hours.  

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