delayed gratification

Deferred Living

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

All too often we dangle the carrot in front of our face.  We feel as though when we get our carrot will reach a state of happiness;

In the ongoing pursuit of carrots, ask yourself, has ideal ever been a steady and prolonged state?

delayed gratification

The fact is that we live our lives in a state of flux.  Just like the stock market or your blood pressure, both try to find a state of equilibrium, it they never truly do – at least not infinitely.

We will always be living in a life of flux.  So, accept your reality and give in to your dream vacation or house – right now.  The only disappointing thing is that you are still attached to these things looking and being a certain way.

Maybe your dream vacation is a simple weekend away, or your dream house is a new piece of second-hand furniture.  These small actions will provide huge reprieve when working towards your dreams and desires.

The sad reality is our egos are caught up in what things are supposed to look like, instead of accepting what they truly are.

See the beauty in your life for what it really is.  Accept your circumstances and be grateful for what you have.  Act and move now!  Because if these are the things you truly want … you can have them.

Don’t let your ego get in the way – let go of misconceptions – and allow yourself to enjoy it!

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