Measure What Matters

“Life is so subtle that sometimes you barely notice yourself walking through the doors you once prayed would open.” – Brianna Wiest

We are back into the fray of January.  Did you know that Jan 18th is known as the official New Years resolution failure date?

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a bit of the pinch because there’s been a lot of lifestyle changes happening for me this year.  I have adopted some new goals and habits that demand new routines and rituals.  Sometimes I don’t recognize myself, and that’s probably a good thing – it means I’m growing.


Keep it simple.  

I’m reading “Measure What Matters“, a book by John Doerr.  John helped Google achieve astronomical success with his OKR method.  OKRs stand for Objective and Key Results.  If done properly – the why will be very clear!

When setting goals we often get overwhelmed by either laying everything out, or by staying completely paralyzed – stop the madness and make ground by asking yourself;

  • What do I you want to accomplish?
  • What are the key results?

The key results will help you measure what matters because they are so closely tied to your objective.  Start there.  If a result it too big – break it down into smaller results.

If you want help structuring goals, you can book in with our updated scheduler!

Good luck, hang in there!

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