The Little Things

“The luxuries of the present are the necessities of the future” – Admiral John Fisher – 1st Baron

Admiral John Fisher was considered by many to be a military genius, in the quote above he speaks to the necessity of embracing your reality to innovate and evolve for the future.  Often times we get so caught up in the hamster race of our reality that our lives begin feeling like a long list of to-dos.  Round and round we go on that hamster wheel, and pretty soon we start living a disenchanted life as we fall further and further behind.  The monotony can get us seeking thrills and excitements of all different kinds in a hurry.

Some of us may call this thrill seeking by another name – filling the void, which we can do through hedonism and sheet abandonment for the laws of reality.  The only reprieve is that we get off the damn hamster wheel for a moment to catch our breath.  Some of us can also turn into downright workaholics in pursuit of a noble dream or fascination sprinting on the wheel into utter burnout.  Neither is a great solution, because either way we are still living a disenchanted life.  And seeking to become enchanted once more through a strategy of avoidance is a surefire way to end up in purgatory.

The Little Things

It is only by embracing our reality and dealing with it more effectively that we can begin to cultivate a deep sense of satisfaction, meaning, and purpose.  Take a deep breath and look at the hamster wheel for what it is.  The harder you run, the faster it goes, the harder it gets …  But ultimately you get nowhere faster.  Get off the wheel, and you won’t accomplish anything.

the little things
The HMS Dreadnought was pioneered in 1906 by Admiral Fisher who had the foresight to advocate an oil fuelled system over coal which gave the British battleships a significant advantage in the first World War.

This is a frustrating paradox, and only by taking care of the little things more appropriately can we start to enjoy a leisurely walk on the wheel – at our own discretion, and with plenty of intention.  Such an exuberant walk may be one of the most satisfying things you could do in this life.  The monotonous responsibilities that crowd our lives then must be treated with such deliberation and intensity and are not to be taken for granted.

The little things for us, were there all along, and are always there for us … to enjoy!  By embracing our reality and dealing with it more effectively, the little things can plug us back into our life.

“The way we do anything is the way we do everything”  – Martha Beck

Ownership Pie

I got served with a big slice of ownership pie when I realized this.  It’s a good thing I like ownership pie, not just because it’s hard to swallow, but because it empowers me to live a better life and make better decisions.  Also, I especially like this ownership pie because it’s so simple that if I looked for it at all, I would’ve missed it.

Gluten-Free?  That’s an Extra $3 …

In health and wellness often times people put the cart before the horse.  The small things aren’t sexy and everyone knows them.  It’s fun to emulate pro athlete training programs and do diets that Hollywood superstars are on in pursuit of those kind of results.  The sad truth is that the people attempting these programs or diets are not professional athletes or actors.  What’s even worse is that they have a very long way to go before they will even come close to resembling the paradigm of the people that are on these programs or diet plans.

Why look to someone else when the truth of your reality is all around you?  Embrace your own reality, and fess up to yourself what you need.  This is a tall order, and requires an inordinate amount of strength, however it is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself.

I recommend a few things;

  • Get a clear picture of who you are, and where you’re currently at.
  • What is one thing I can do to start heading toward where I want to go?
  • Is there one little thing that is getting in the way, and how can I find satisfaction and pride in taking care of this thing?
  • Also, is there something that is no longer serving me or my goals, and what can I eliminate so I don’t have to run as hard or as fast (the opposite, is what can I do to get on the wheel and take my first few steps).

Start there, and reassess.  Cultivate a relationship with yourself and become a master your daily grind.  You will see a profound impact of how you perceive your life, and the satisfaction you’ll receive from it!

Each day is a blessing,

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