die young

Die Young

You Can Die Young, and Why That’s Important!

Die young, it sounds like a tragedy, but luckily that’s not what what we are talking about here!  In an attempt to break the mould, I mean you can die young by maintaining your youthfulness, energy, and spirit as you age and get older.

Stay Youthful in a Truer Sense of the Word

Think about aging in a most literal sense, it is primarily our bodies that lose muscle mass, get stiff and sore as we age.  Much of the aging process that we notice is through our physical body and is subject to how we feel.  This physical aging process can prevent us from taking advantage of opportunities such as skiing with our family, doing a hike on the weekend with our friends, or just getting out and getting out, getting active, and having fun.  This physical aging can really hold us back from our own personal enjoyment, and put a big damper on our attitude and approach to life.

As we age, therefore we begin to slow down, and we begin to miss out.  When we miss out our movement variety and intensity begins to narrow.  And as we do less we are only capable of doing less.  Slowly the paradigm of our movement constricts further and further.  There is no way to safely expand things back out, and we can begin to feel helpless and hopeless.

Here’s a Few Things You Can do to Push Back;

die young

There is a safe way to push back against this physical aging process however.  With smart and intelligent physical training of the body.  You see as we begin to push back against aging with movement and exercise we can keep open various movement capabilities because we have the strength and resilience to do so.  This allows us to perform the activities we love to do at an enjoyable level, without pain or dysfunction; which leads to a significant increase to the quality and enjoyment of our life!

  • Go Slow : This isn’t a race, and first place doesn’t get a medal (thankfully not in the lifestyle game).
  • Have Fun : What do you enjoy doing?  Make exercise a part of your activity.  Train for your event, or your thing.  By giving it a boost with regular training you’ll find that your motivation comes much easier and your workouts are filled with purpose, passion, and fun!
  • Focus on Lifestyle : Build support and relationships in your health and wellness so that you can begin to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle.  Your friends, workout partners, and your coach should help create an environment that works into the lifestyle that you want!

So remember that it’s important to maintain your youthfulness, longevity, and zest for life!  And that largely happens by incorporating some form of exercise into your life.  Remember it won’t stick if it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle however, so make sure it does with support and mentorship with the right people!

If you’d like to see what Mark Sisson has to say about his approach to health and wellness you can check out his Primal Blueprint here!  And if you’d like to continue the discussion in person with us click here!

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